Our collective story-telling experience is derived from our individual experiences traveling down the back roads. From creative ideation through post-production, our team has the full compliment of in-house resources to tell your story in the most compelling and strategic fashion.

Colby Gaines


Colby Gaines is the Executive Producer and Founder of Back Roads Entertainment, in charge of the company's programming, development and day-to-day operations.

Previously, he was the co-founder and owner of Leftfield Pictures, a production company well known for producing hundreds of hours of reality-based programming including American Restoration, Oddities and Pawn Stars.

Additional programs Colby has executive produced include (among others): JUNKies (Science), Door Knockers (DIY), Pawn Stars (History), American Restoration (History), Oddities (Science), Moving In (MTV), Setup Squad (LOGO), What the Sell?! (TLC), The Principal's Office (truTV), Bridal Bootcamp (vh1), Happily Ever Faster (TLC), Hallmark Heroes with Regis Philbin (Hallmark Channel) and InTurn (CBS/CBS.com).

Colby cut his teeth in non-fiction television, news and new media, having worked with a variety of agencies and Fortune 500 companies.

Colby's Back Roads story: he grew up in Texas but today lives in New Jersey. He credits his wife Paige for indirectly inspiring the hit show Pawn Stars - a concept developed during his bachelor party in Las Vegas - and for delivering the best "productions"of his life: his sons Marty and Everett.

Scotty Gelade

Vice President of Global Strategy and Partnerships

Scotty Gelade is the Director of Strategy for Back Roads Entertainment, tasked with forging creative alliances with brands, agencies and entertainment companies (videogame, publishing and movie studios, among others).

Prior to BRE, Scotty ran his own consultancy that developed content-driven marketing programs for a number of brands including Conde Nast, Netflix, Yves St. Laurent, National Basketball Association and Sony, among others.

Scotty has also worked with Academy Award-winning filmmakers, successfully sold several unscripted television projects and holds a degree in entertainment law.

Scotty’s Back Roads story: he grew up in Bucks County, PA, stopped in New England for his collegiate years, settled in Manhattan for a bit and eventually set up residence in Princeton. His best alliance has been with his wife Eve with whom he has three kids: Alexander, Oliver, and Charlotte.

Minsa Cho

Director of Photography

Minsa Cho is the Director of Photography for Back Road Entertainment, responsible for the style and visual tone on all BRE productions.

With over ten years of experience behind the camera, Minsa has helmed reality shows, feature-length documentaries and new media projects for networks like Showtime, AMC, ABC and Legendary Pictures and brands like Lufthansa Airlines, Monster.com and Axe Body Spray.

In addition to his DP expertise, Minsa has produced and directed for Comic-Con Episode IV: A Fan's Hope, TheFirst 48, and Committed, among others.

Minsa’s Back Roads story: it started when he caught the film and TV bug as a child - he was often taken to see movies in varying genres, from Hollywood Blockbusters to Grindhouse Kung Fu movies. He didn’t know it then but those movies shaped the rest of his life.

Minsa keeps his feet planted firmly on the ground with the love and support from daughter Cameron, son Emerson and wife Jessica.

Elyse Sara

Line Producer

Elyse Sara is the Line Producer for Back Roads Entertainment, overseeing the Production Management Department.

Prior to joining Back Roads, Elyse was a Production Manager at Leftfield Pictures, where she worked on Pawn Stars, American Restoration and Oddities as well as several commercial productions.

Previously, she production managed All Worked Up and Wife Swap for Zodiak USA and produced several independent documentaries, including Dance School: Juilliard for Ovation and The Open Court Mystique for PBS-KIXE.

Elyse's Back Roads story: she grew up in Schenectady, NY and escaped to the warmth of sunny Los Angeles where she graduated from the University of Southern California's Cinema-Television School. Now a Brooklynite, Elyse has traded in her beach towel for the more urban-friendly yoga mat.

Zach Messner

Development Associate

Zach Messner is a Development Associate for Back Roads Entertainment, responsible for conceiving and producing original unscripted TV programming.

Prior to joining Back Roads, Zach wrote sketch comedy for a short lived MTV show, “North Palm Wrestling,” as well as produced and appeared in various news packages for Fox News’ late night comedy gem, “Red Eye.” To this day, he still holds the record for most on camera shirtless appearances on the hard-hitting news channel.

Zach’s Back Roads story: he grew up in Manhattan, and studied acting at Syracuse University where he witnessed fellow freshmen Carmelo Anthony take home the NCAA Basketball title. Although Zach did not play on the team he credits them for inspiring him to work hard and meet his goals. He'd also like to give a special shout out to his "better half," Jenny, who keeps him sane and grounded.

Ryan Allingham

Development Associate

Ryan Allingham is a Development Associate for Back Roads Entertainment, working towards creating and developing innovative and original television programs.

Ryan has been involved in a multitude of entertainment verticals across various platforms. After graduating college, he ventured to Los Angeles, CA where he worked for the television production company The Outfit Media Group and the music management company SuperGoodMusic. At SuperGoodMusic he helped discover and develop the band Foster The People into becoming one of the biggest bands of the millennial.

After a few years in Los Angeles, he decided to trade in the LA lifestyle and head to New York City.

Ryan's Back Roads Story: he was born and raised in Birmingham, MI and has lived in Chicago, East Lansing, Los Angeles and London. He graduated from Michigan State University with a degree in Communications with a concentration in Public Relations. Ryan is living proof that there is no right road to get to where you are, but the journey is always an interesting one.

Charles Taylor Goubeaud

Development Manager

Charles Taylor Goubeaud is a Development Manager for Back Roads Entertainment, tasked with developing and producing innovative original programing.

Prior to BRE, Charles co-founded an artist collective, StayMutual, where he directed and produced numerous short films and even music videos for emerging artists including Yelawolf, Lil Jon, El Cantador and Skyler Stonestreet. It was there he quickly gained an affinity for getting his hands dirty in the entire scope of video production from conception to delivery.

While attending the Savannah College of Art and Design, Charles had the opportunity to work alongside award-winning filmmakers and influential companies. He helped operate SCAD’s largest student organization where he was tasked with forming alliances between established professionals and emerging filmmakers.

Charles' Back Roads story: well, it all started when Marty McFly said, "If you put your mind to it, you can accomplish anything." A young and impressionable southern boy took this advice and moved to New York in order to accomplish everything. Since then, he has been fortunate enough to follow his true passion of directing and developing multi-media content. He hopes to continue down this path to finally become a handsome billionaire - both goals are wishful thinking, but he relentlessly works towards them nonetheless.

And even though they are worlds apart, Charles keeps his faith alive with the love and support from his friends and family back home in the Lone Star State.

Jessica Gill

Development Associate

Jessica Gill is a Development Assistant for Back Roads Entertainment, responsible for generating and developing ground breaking original television programming.

Prior to Back Roads, Jessica worked at a Talent management company dealing with some of the greatest talents within film, television and commercials. While attending Penn State University Jessica worked on the pre-production team for a production company that generated various music videos, commercials as well as short films all while producing her own senior film.

Jessica’s Back Roads story: she grew up in central Jersey, lived in Chicago but now resides in Manhattan because she is a New York City girl at heart. She had dreams since she was young of being a princess and winning an Emmy for her work in Television. She has conquered the first part and works diligently towards accomplishing the other.