Back Roads Entertainment is
searching for the next great
True Crime series.
If you, or someone you know, has an intriguing tale of a shocking crime, a whodunit in desperate need of an answer…or a striking injustice that needs to be corrected…we want to hear about it.
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The whole world is obsessed with true crime. Whether they are binging the latest streaming documentary or watching Keith Morrison creep his way through an episode of Dateline, the viewing public just can’t get enough. Beyond just drawing an audience, these projects have led to real change in the justice system. They have exonerated innocent people…and brought the guilty to justice. They have become more than entertainment…they have become a movement. 

But there are thousands of compelling crime stories that are still left untold. Many tales of cold cases, systemic injustices and outrageous criminals have remained in the shadows…waiting for the right storytellers to come along. Maybe YOU have one of those stories…if so, WE just might be the storytellers you’ve been waiting for.

BACK ROADS ENTERTAINMENT is searching for the next great true-crime story. If you, or someone you know, has an intriguing tale of shocking crime, a whodunit in desperate need of an answer…or a striking injustice that needs to be corrected…we want to hear about it. Even if you just have an idea on how to tell an existing crime story in a
brand new way…let us know.

Send a brief introduction and the highlights of your story to the email address below or submit on our website. (If you choose to tell your story on a video, please make it no longer than 2 minutes.) Submissions must be received by
midnight May 14th.

all of the submissions received, Back Roads Entertainment will select 5 finalists. Those finalists will get a chance to attend a true-crime masterclass with the award-winning Back Roads development team on May 24th. Then, on June 7th the finalists will give a final presentation and be interviewed by the team.

Whoever the team selects as the ultimate untold crime story will win $15,000 and a development deal with Back Roads Entertainment. We’ll work with you to perfect a concept and then you’ll have the chance to tell your story to major TV networks.

Outrageous, heartbreaking or just plain shocking…these stories have captured America’s attention…and brought much needed justice and awareness to the world. Maybe now, it’s time for your story to be told.

Do You Have The Next Great True Crime Story?

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