We're Story Tellers.

We offer a full range of services from original content development
and casting to production, post production and distribution.
With a full array of equipment and on-site edit facilities, we can run
any production from pre through post.

  1. Throwback

    Throwback is an E! Network pilot following nostalgic entrepreneur Mr. Throwback and his outrageous friends on the Lower East Side.

  2. The Paper

    The Paper is a documentary series that follows three San Francisco newspapers in the midst of surviving the digital age … and each other.

  3. Guy Jinx

    Guy Jinx is a MTV2 pilot where raunchy magicians pull pranks on unsuspecting victims using outlandish magic tricks.

  4. Culinary Beats

    Culinary Beats is a Yahoo! distributed web series where rockstar musicians sit down with rockstar chefs to talk about their love of music and food.

  5. Back Roads Entertainment Reel

  6. BRE Creative Reel

  7. Party Princesses

    Party Princesses, follows the employees of Oklahoma’s Forever After Parties as they compete for the same roles, each other’s attention and professional success all under the scrutinizing gaze of the company’s owners, two sisters who are always at each others throats.

  8. Feast Your Eyes

    In every episodeĀ Feast Your EyesĀ Chef Maro Batali and Actress Isabella Rosselini create a meal inspired by iconic pieces of popular culture.

  9. My So-Called Psychic Life

    My So Called Psychic Life profiles the trials and tribulation’s of a 14 year old psychic medium as she balances the spiritual and the physical world.

  10. On The Meter

    Paul Archer and Johno Ellison are thrill-seeking Britons who are taking their taxi through foreign lands of mystery and excitement. Along the way they push, cajole and challenge each other to experience life to the fullest. 196 countries… two daredevils… and one tricked out cab… watch what happens on ON THE METER.