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By Charles Goubeaud







Here at Back Roads we watch a lot of TV. This is the only time in our busy schedules where ‘work’ and ‘play’ gloriously weave into one. Armed with a general knack for the space, as well as some ratings data, we like to play the game of what’s getting canceled and what’s coming back for a new season. Now that our favorite network sitcoms are coming to a seasonal close – we’ve used our intuition and ratings math to decipher the fate of a select few.  Feel free to comment on your predictions and remember that only the good die young.





1600 Penn (NBC) – Actually, not all of the sitcoms dying early this season can be deemed  ‘good’. NBC has voiced their change in comedic approach – forever shaping the space. An early contender in their new reign of comedy was 1600 Penn – an awful show wrought in bad ratings, zero buzz, and viewers rolling their eyes at the cheesy plot. (Funny side note, watch the show’s promos again and you’ll notice a ‘from the director of Modern Family sub-title. How bad is it that NBC has to promote the success of an ABC show? You can get a Modern Family director but you can’t recreate an amazing writing staff.)


Happy Endings (ABC) – Sadly, Don’t Trust the B* in Apt. 23 has gotten the boot. What about it’s companion piece Happy Endings? Well the ratings slightly better and if we don’t see an upward trend towards a Modern Family status – it’ll be pushing daisies sooner than later.


Ben and Kate (Fox) – If Ben and Kate hasn’t been canceled by the time this blog post goes live, I would be dumbfounded. Ben and Kate, and whatever their antics may be, has amassed the lowest ratings of any sitcom on the big four networks. Has anyone out there even watched it? Bueller? Bueller? Bueller?





Parks and Recreation (NBC) – By far one of the funniest shows on television at the moment – and you better bet your pants that it has experienced a ratings high in the past month. Thanks to an amazing writing staff it’s the only sitcom on NBC with an upward trend, which means it’s practically renewed. With Amy Poehler directing a few upcoming episodes, get ready to laugh your ass off!


Elementary(CBS) – I hate to admit it – but CBS’s adaptation of Sherlock Holmes is actually not bad (key phrase NOT BAD). It had a rocky pilot, although ratings increased while the season got better. It will never surpass the BBC counterpart, Sherlock, but it has become a fairly solid hour of television. I would go as far as saying that the show could stand on its own without the inspiration from the classic novels – that would have saved CBS the backlash from making the series behind BBC’s back. Either way, love it or hate it, it will be back.


Scandal (ABC) – Have you seen this show?! Scandal is SCANDALOUS. It’s practically as 50 Shades of Grey as network TV can get. It’s a little sexy, and a little ‘I wish we were Homeland’. It is addictively good, and viewers are starting warm up to it, as ratings for the show — which stars Kerry Washington and Joshua Malina — have been rising. Consider this Scandal renewed.


As this season comes to an end, some shows live and some die – and with it an endless group of actors and crewmembers scramble to find new jobs. Comment below on what you think about in the current television space and stay tuned for my next blog that covers the unscripted ratings and predictions.